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Summary of Contents


OWNER’S MANUALModel:•DDQ-20L6SCTV/DVD COMBODownloaded from www.Manualslib.com manuals search engine Downloaded From Disc-Player.com Daewoo Manuals

Page 2



9Inserting the BatteriesRemote Control123Please respect the environment and prevailing regulations. Before you dispose of batteries, ask your dealerw

Page 4

S-VHSINAV 1INMONITOROUTDIGITALAUDIO OUT(MONO)LVIDEO VIDEOAUDIO AUDIORLR DVDConnecting the Antenna Cable10Basic InstallationOutdoor antenna orwall ante

Page 5 - Precautions in use

11Connecting to Audio SystemConnecting to Various EquipmentYou can enjoy the stereo sound.S-VHSINAV 1INMONITOROUTDIGITALAUDIO OUT(MONO)LVIDEO VIDEOAUD

Page 6 - Table of Contents

Connecting to a Camcorder or Other Video Player12S-VHSINAV 1INMONITOROUTDIGITALAUDIO OUT(MONO)LVIDEO VIDEOAUDIO AUDIORLR DVDConnecting to Various Equi

Page 7 - Identification of Controls

S-VHSINAV 1INMONITOROUTDIGITALAUDIO OUT(MONO)LVIDEO VIDEOAUDIO AUDIORLR DVDAudio Connecting CableConnecting cable (separate purchase)13Connecting to D

Page 8

14Connecting to Various EquipmentN O T E• Refer to the owner’s manual of your audio system to connect.• Before you connect the TV/DVD to other equipme

Page 9 - Remote Control Buttons

15Watching TV1234To turn on the TV, press the [POWER] button in the front partof the set or the [Power] button on the remote control. Selecting the Ch

Page 10 - manuals search engine

To Display the Setting Screen161234Press the [TV MENU] button in TVmode.TV setting menu is displayed.Press the [,] button to select the desired item.C

Page 11 - Inserting the Batteries

Setting Video17123Press the [,] button in TVsetting screen to select “VIDEO”and press the [,] button.Setting menu is displayed.Press the [,] button to

Page 12 - Basic Installation


Page 13 - Connecting to Audio System

Setting Audio18123Press the [,] button in TV settingscreen to select “Audio”, then pressthe [,] button.Setting menu is displayed.Press the [,] button

Page 14

19TimeSet Clock: --:--Wake-Up Time: --:--Off Time: --:--Sleep Timer: 0 minSelect Adjust PrevMSetting TimeSetting TV1Press the [,] button

Page 15 - Audio Connecting Cable

Setting Set up20123Press the [,] button in TV settingscreen to select “SET UP” and pressthe [,] button.Setting menu is displayed.Press the [,] button

Page 16

21SpecialClosed Caption: OffCC on Mute: OffPower Restore: OffParental ControlCh Labels : To PressSelect Adjust PrevMSetting SpecialSetti

Page 17 - Watching TV

Setting Special (Parental Control Settings)22135Use the number buttons (0-9) toenter your password, then“Parental Control” menu will bedisplayed.If th

Page 18 - Setting TV

23Setting TVSetting Special (Description of Parental Control Settings)12The TV Guidelines set the standardfor TV programs excluding sportsand news. Us

Page 19 - Setting Video

3The No Rating item toggles between“Unblock” and “Block”.This item determines whether toblock or not the programs whichare not rated by “Movie Ratings

Page 20 - Setting Audio

N O T EBasic Playback251Press the [POWER] button on the front part of the set orpress the POWER button on the remote control, then theTV/DVD turns on.

Page 21 - CH/SELECT

N O T ESpecial Play26Playing the DVD Video DiscSKIP+SKIP-PAUSE (Still picture)Press the [PAUSE/STEP ] button during play.The TV/DVD will be placed in

Page 22

27Playing the DVD Video DiscSearch ForwardPress the [F.F/STEP ] button during playback. Each time the button is pressed, youcan search the picture for

Page 23 - Setting Special

1IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS1 Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance isoperated. 2 Retain Instr

Page 24

To Display GUI Menu28Using Display ButtonThis unit features GUI(Graphic User Interface) Menu showing discinformation (title /chapter /track number, el

Page 25

N O T ETo Display GUI Menu29Using Display ButtonCH/SELECTCH/SELECT116:57STER.NORM.(VCD/CD GUI)It show the current track number. Jump to the desired tr

Page 26

Directly Moving to the Desired Title30Playing the Desired Scene or Track during PlaySome movie discs may contain multiple titles. If the disc has a mo

Page 27 - Playing the DVD Video Disc

N O T EPlaying the Disc, Chapter, Title and Track RepeatedlyRepeating the Given Sections311Press the [A-B] button where you want toPlay repeatedly.* I

Page 28 - Special Play

N O T ESearching by Memorizing the Favorite Scene32You can play the favorite scenes as if you mark the favorite pages of a book.1Press the [ADD] butto

Page 29

Displaying menus in disc33ENTERDisplaying menus in discSome DVD discs have single menu structures called DVD menus. For example,DVDs programmed with

Page 30 - Using Display Button

N O T EStoring Viewed DVD Settings34Storing Viewed DVD SettingsThis function allows you to store viewed DVD settings. Even though you remove a discor

Page 31

Changing Subtitle Language35N O T EChanging Subtitle LanguageIn the SETUP screen, you can select the initial subtitle language and changeto other lang

Page 32

Changing Audio Language36N O T EChanging Audio LanguageIn the SETUP screen, you can select the initial audio language and changeto other language. Thi

Page 33 - Repeating the Given Sections

Using Zoom Feature37NO T E• Some discs may not respond to the Zoom feature.• The Zoom Feature is not available with subtitles or menus included on DVD

Page 34

15 Overloading - Do not overload wall outlets and extension cords as this can result in a risk of fire orelectric shock. 16 Object and Liquid Entry

Page 35 - Displaying menus in disc

Viewing a Scene from Another AngleProducing a 3D SURROUND EffectN O T EViewing from Another Angle Producing a 3D SURROUND EffectSame DVDs may contain

Page 36 - Storing Viewed DVD Settings

39Random PlayPlaying the Desired Scene or Track during PlayYou can play titles or tracks in random order (VCD, CD).1Press the [RANDOM] button during s

Page 37 - Changing Subtitle Language

40N O T EProgram PlayThe TV/DVD plays the tracks on the disc in the order you specify.1Press the [PROGRAM] button in theplay or stop mode.The program

Page 38 - Changing Audio Language

N O T EPlaying an MP3 File41Playing an MP3 Disc• The file and directory name are only displayed in English.• If there is an impossible code to display

Page 39 - Using Zoom Feature

Programming an MP3 File421Place the an MP3 disc in the machine.The MP3 menu is displayed.2Press the [,] button to select adirectory containing the des

Page 40

Playing Repeatedly and Editing the Programmed MP3 File43CH/SELECTCH/SELECTCH/SELECTCH/SELECTPlaying an MP3 DiscREPEATT/C A-BREPEATT/C A-BCLEARENTERPla

Page 41 - Random Play

ENTERGeneral Information of Initial Settings44Initial Settings...1Press the [SETUP] button in the stopor play mode.The initial settings menu is displa

Page 42

Selecting disc languages {DVD Only}45In the initial settings, you can select Disc Audio, Disc Subtitle and Disc Menu for alldiscs to be played.When yo

Page 43 - Playing an MP3 Disc

Table of Language Codes and Their Abbreviations46Initial Settings...Enter the appropriate language code for the initial settings of “Disc Audio”, “Dis

Page 44

Selecting Parental Control Rating Levels {DVD Only}47Initial Settings...This is to prohibit playing of DVDs which are unsuitable for children.Some DVD

Page 45 - Clearing MP3 files one by one

LOCATIONFor safe operation and satisfactory performance of your unit, keep the following in mind when selection aplace for its installation :• Shield

Page 46 - Initial Settings

Designating Password {DVD Only}48Initial Settings...If you change the rating level to “7” or lower, you must enter a 4-number“password” to prevent pla

Page 47

Selecting TV Aspect49Initial Settings...Select the appropriate screen type according to your TV set: 4:3 or 16:9.1In the SETUP screen, press the [,]bu

Page 48

Selecting Menu Language50Initial Settings...It is for selecting DVD menu language and the language which displays on the TV.1In the SETUP screen, pres

Page 49

Selecting Digital Audio Output51Initial Settings...Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options.1In the SETUP screen, press the [,]button to se

Page 50

Others52Initial Settings...1In the SETUP screen, press the [,]button to select “Others” and pressthe [ ] button.DRC OffPBC OnVocal OnDisc AudioDisc Su

Page 51

Playable DiscRegion NumberNotes on Copyright53About DVDThis TV/DVD can play the following discs.In addition, this unit can play back a CD-R and CD-RW

Page 52

Discs54Always...• handle your discs with care. Hold a disc with fingers on the border or hole,• place disc with the label facing upward (in case of a

Page 53

Correction55Before Calling Service Personnel• Colour is not displayed and netpattern is displayed on the specificchannel.• Vertical and horizontal l

Page 54

WarrantyDaewoo Electronics Corporation of America warrants each new electronicproduct manufactured by it to be free from defective material and workma

Page 55 - About DVD

This instrument is listed by Underwriter’sLaboratories, Inc. It is designed andmanufactured to meet rigid U.L. safetystandards against X-radiation, fi

Page 56

Table of Contents4IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1Precautions in use 3Table of Contents 4Identification of Controls 5(Front Panel, Back Panel, Remote Control)Be

Page 57

5Main Body (Front Part)Identification of ControlsSpeaker LeftDisc Loading TraySpeaker RightPOWERCHVOL INPUTSTOP SKIP-PLAY SKIP+OPEN/CLOSEPLAYSTAND-BYP

Page 58 - Warranty


Page 59 - P/N : 48586090E101-R0

7Identification of ControlsRemote Control ButtonsPOWER buttonIf you press the ON/OFF button in the front part of this product, power ison.DISPLAY butt

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